Lean Six Sigma-Transformation

Zero defects are important to you? Six Sigma is the right tool for you? Or are you still in decision-making? Take advantage of many years of experience of Six Sigma Europe. Among other things, we can support you with the following services:

Six Sigma launch concept

Establishing Six Sigma is a major challenge that is not always successful. A frequent reason for a failure is, in addition to an insufficient target definition, the non-consideration of important basic conditions. These include in particular the following aspects:

  • Organization and areas of responsibility
  • Involvement of management
  • Structured recording of improvement potentials
  • Translating Six Sigma Know-How
  • Initiation and execution of improvement projects
  • Project review and success assessment
Each of these aspects involves various questions, which must be answered individually for each company. Six Sigma Europe has already successfully implemented Six Sigma in many companies. Benefit from our experience! Together we develop with you an introduction concept that meets all aspects.

If you are still uncertain about the extent to which you can benefit from Six Sigma, start with a one-day introductory workshop where we will introduce you to the method and work out the possibilities for your company.

Six Sigma Lighthouse-Project
What makes the Six Sigma method successful? How exactly does a Six Sigma project work? Does this work in my company?

Get to know the effectiveness of Six Sigma! Perform a Six Sigma project together with our experts in your company. Such a project gives you the opportunity to get to know the phases and applied methods by means of a concrete problem of your company. By the way, you solve a real problem and reduce the error costs.

Figures, data, facts is the credo of Six Sigma. With a Six Sigma Lighthouse-Project you can convince yourself or even your colleagues and superiors of the effectiveness of the method. You will then be well placed to assess the value of Six Sigma for your business.
Six Sigma Project Coaching

Six Sigma projects are much more successful if you are able to take advantage of an experienced coach.

Particularly in the case of more complex topics, a lot of experience is required in order to successfully achieve the projects. We can provide you with an experienced Master Black Belt which will help your Six Sigma project leaders to navigate the cliffs of the projects. On the basis of regular project reviews, the progress and the correct use of the method are examined in the individual phases of the DMAIC cycle. This means that your projects are not only successful, but your project managers learn much more quickly.

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