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How do you ensure the competitiveness of a company? Do you have a factory that not only produces economically, but also fulfills customer requirements? Here you can find out which approaches Six Sigma Europe offers to help you to achieve the best possible production:

Implementation of a Continuous Improvement Process (CIP)

The introduction of a Continuous Improvement Process (CIP) is intended to ensure a continuous improvement of the work processes throughout the company. To this end, the know-how and experience of all employees must be integrated. Through the participation of the employees in the implementation of changes, a high acceptance of the change will be achieved at the same time.

The implementation of CIP is a complex process, which must be coordinated precisely with the respective of the company and its employees. Therefore an individual concept has to be worked out for the successful implementation. We have experienced several times that well-intentioned CIP impulses are lost in the sand because the conceptual framework was not created.
The concept must at least consider the following aspects:

  •   Objectives to be achieved with the CIP
  •   Implementation process
  •   The CIP organization of the company
  •   The CIP process
  •   Used methods and tools
  •   Key indicators for success measurement, as well as
  •   Training and coaching

In addition, the challenge is, in particular, to change the mindset of employees and management personnel.

Six Sigma Europe has the necessary experience and training competency to help to develop all of these aspects. You receive comprehensive support in the introduction of the concept, as well as the training of employees and executives. The revitalization of flattened CIP initiatives is also part of this.

Value Stream Design

The aim of Value Stream Mapping is to make the value stream more efficient. For this purpose, the production of a product is consistently aligned to the needs of the customer. In order to achieve this goal, a continuous flow of material, which is the basis of every lean production, is strived for.

The optimization of the production process by means of value stream design offers the following benefits:

  •   Indication of improvement potentials regarding lead time and capacity availability
  •   Identification of waste
  •   Drastic reduction of lead time and inventory on the shop floor
  •   Synchronization of production processes
  •   Design of a simple control logic
  •   Optimization of lot sizes according to EPEI logic

Six Sigma Europe has successfully implemented Value Stream Mapping projects for many years. Within the scope of a stringent approach, a review and evaluation of preparatory work is carried out, as well as the preparation of a project guide for the customer-specific project implementation. The recording of the actual value stream together with a cross-functional team follows. The mapping is then analyzed and together with the customer team the elaboration and evaluation of target scenarios is carried out. For the successful implementation of the target value stream, Six Sigma Europe supports the implementation steps and carries out a corresponding project control.

Y-Alyze - Reduction of error costs

Although the reduction of error costs influences directly and significantly to the profit, this potential is rarely used. The problem is that complex methods cause a lot of time, bind special resources and are seldom carried through consistently.

With "Y-Alyze" we have developed a stringent method for reducing the error costs, which often leads to a breakthrough in a short time. In the search for the main cause, the Y-Alyze methods can often be used to limit the problem in a few steps and to stop the cause.

The aim of the service provided by Six Sigma Europe is to carry out projects together with you for the reduction of errors. In addition, we can also offer training courses in order to enable your employees to take the method step by step, thus significantly reducing the costs of error.

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