High plant availability is an essential prerequisite for efficient production. This can only be achieved by an optimal collaboration between production and maintenance. This is where our consulting service starts. Together with you, we develop solutions that enables  lean value creation and high plant availability.

Maintenance Analytics

The Quick Check Maintenance systematically analyzes and evaluates the core elements of maintenance. Within a few days, a quantitative and qualitative strength / weakness profile of your maintenance is created. To the weaknesses identified, concrete steps for optimization are worked out together with the employees of your company.

Six Sigma Europe employs only very experienced consultants, who professionally manage the discussions with your experts. This and the close involvement of management and employees ensure a high level of acceptance of the findings.


  • Recognize and understand the actual situation
  • Weaknesses are identified and approaches for their optimization are worked out
  • Both the maintenance management and the employees are behind the results - an essential prerequisite for successful implementation
Total Productive Maintenance

Frequently, a high degree of automation enables economic production. But this also increases the number of sources of functional disturbances. In addition, the organizational separation of production and maintenance tasks has a negative impact on the effective use of production facilities, as this creates an isolation between influence and responsibility.

Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) supports the transfer of responsibility for routine maintenance to the production staff. The results are, in addition to a reduction in the functional disturbances, also less set-up times. In addition, the concept aims to increase the process reliability as well as the ease of operation and maintenance of the systems.

TPM relies on a productivity-oriented mix of preventive and condition-oriented maintenance services, supplemented by a continuous plant improvement process.

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