Our team

Our team consists exclusively of highly experienced consultants who have been involved in international consulting projects for at least 5 years. The project managers employed by us also have experience in management functions in industry. Our team is supported by an openness and dynamic organization that achieves its synergies through an extremely flexible structure with low administrative costs.

Six Sigma Europe consultants are characterized by:

  •   Sector-specific expertise
  •   Experience in project management
  •   Focus on customer service
  •   Excellent communicative, multilingual skills
  •   Joy and passion at work and last but not least
  •   Common sense.

Through the networked work of experienced consultants with professional and integrative skills, the project teams can be optimally staffed for each project requirement.

SIXSIGMA Europe GmbH, Theodor-Heuss-Ring 23, 50668 Köln / Tel. +49221-77109 560 / Fax +49221-77109 31 / office@six-sigma-europe.com

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