Diagnostic Quality Problem Solving


Strategies, search tactics and simple tools for solving technical quality problems

High error costs directly influence the profit of a company. Nevertheless, efforts to reduce errors are manageable or focus only on the symptoms rather than on the root cause(s).

We believe in questioning the status quo when it comes to solving quality problems, especially complex tasks. Every day we see that traditional problem solving methods such as "5 WHY", "Fishbone", 8D, A3 and even if Six Sigma is used incorrectly, do not identify the root cause of the problem.

We challenge the status quo in solving quality problems by using new strategies and state-of-the-art technologies. This allows engineers to achieve extraordinary things in the world of problem solving if they can organize tools into a strategic structure.

With this seminar we create the conditions to solve complex quality problems effectively and efficiently. This unique training and coaching program, enriched with the latest user-friendly artificial intelligence from MondoBrain, teaches you daily how to catch both large and small fish.

Our goals for you: to solve quality problems with the right attitude independently and professionally to achieve sustainable success quickly and effectively and to constantly expand knowledge and experience.

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27. - 28. May 2019 in Frankfurt am Main, DE
25. - 26. June 2019 in Munich, DE
25. - 26. July 2019 Eindhoven, NL
29. - 30. August 2019 in Cologne, DE

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