CIP - Continues Improvement Process


About this training

CIP is the continuous improvement in small steps carried out by employees within existing processes. CIP calls on the employees to discuss their work processes critically, to think more generally in processes than in departments or hierarchies and to contribute their own ideas to the teamwork.

For this, it is necessary to give the employees a framework for creative competences and responsibility. For CIP, the operational improvement processes are no longer driven "from Top" or "from the outside", but additionally from "Bottom", that is on the execution level. In other words, the quality is ensured at the place where it is created - in every single workplace.

In our 3-day CIP training, the participants will learn to implement the CIP consistently and with a system.


14. - 15. August 2017 in Frankfurt
12. - 13. September 2017 in Cologne
14. - 15. November 2017 in Munich

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